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      Solite Boots are the world's first and only custom, heat-moldable watersports footwear. Custom fitting can be done in your kitchen with nothing more than a kettle of boiling water. To heat-mold your Solite boots, watch the video below and follow the instructions carefully. Do not use any other methods of heat molding except boiling water. Use of ovens, microwaves, heat guns, etc. will void your warranty.

        Heat Molding Step-By-Step

        1. Fill a tea kettle with water and heat to a boil.
        2. While water is heating, roll down the cuffs of your wetsuit boots and place them in the sink.
        3. If you have Solite Heat Booster socks, put them on your feet.
        4. Once the water is boiling, pour it into your boots, filling each to the seam where the neoprene upper is attached to the sole. Wait 5 minutes for the boiling water to soften the sole material.
        5. After 5 minutes, carefully pour the hot water out of the boots, and quickly rinse out the inside of the boots with cold water to lower the surface temperature and prevent burning your feet.
        6. Put each boot on your feet. Make sure your big-toe sits comfortably in the toe cavity and your heel is flush in the heel pocket.
        7. Secure ankle straps if your boots have them.
        8. Sit in a chair with the boots on and wait 5-10 minutes as the boots cool down and form to your feet.
        9. Once the wetsuit boots have cooled to room temperature, the molding process is complete.
        10. If you are unhappy with the fit, you can re-mold the boots following the same steps.